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Hypnotherapy Certification Classes

A Personal Note:

Hypnosis has changed my life. I had an alcohol family chord and with Self Hypnosis I stopped drinking years ago which totally changed my life and allowed me to help others remove alcohol from their lives. Hypnosis helps people discover their Safe Place, to grow from their struggles and heal from their pain.


As a Hypnotist you can help your clients move forward to where they want to be in their life. Hypnosis has been accredited by the American Medical Association since 1958 and has been described as "Medicine of the Mind."

As a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, I can help you create a new path in your life to healing others.  Learn to help others heal from: 

  • Smoking cessation 

  • Weight Loss challenges

  • Pain Management

  • Anxiety & Phobias

  • Insomnia

  • Depression & Grief

  • Low Self Esteem

  • Academic Performance

  •  and many more issues!

Ready to add to your career path? 

Pricing: The class is $1,575.  Cash, Check or Credit Card.





About the Course

This Hypnosis Course is 100 hours with 75 hours in class and 25 hours at home learning. Once completed graduates receive a Diploma as a Certified Hypnotist and a Certification from the National Guild of Hypnotist as well as a one year membership to the guild. Classes are scheduled to fit the students availability.

Upon graduation the graduate will be able to make this money back with two Virtual Gastric Band Clients or 10 clients for other types of sessions.

All classes include learning Emotional Freedom Technique also called Tapping.

If you are in the medical field these classes are also helpful. There is a whole new wave of medical professionals learning to use Reiki and Hypnosis as medical tools.

Where can I get certified in Hypnosis
Arkansas Hypnosis School
Hypnosis School near me
Janice McCorkle Certified Master Hypnotist and Instructor

"Learn an amazing new healing life skill.  Take a class!"

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