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Reiki therapy promotes health and well-being, reduces stress and encourages relaxation through light touch applied to the chakras. Chakras are seven energy centers located from the crown of the head along the spinal column to the base of the spine. 

Reiki Energy Sessions can help with feelings of low energy, imbalance, insecurity, fear, and powerlessness. As the chakras are cleared, energy is released and the flow returns, resulting in healing and clarity as the body, mind, soul and spirit are re-balanced. 

Benefits of Reiki Massage and chakra balancing:

    • Accelerated healing

    • Detoxification

    • Increased sense of well-being

    • Lowering of blood pressure

    • Physical, emotional, spiritual balance

    • Reduced side effects of chemotherapy

    • Reduced stress and anxiety

    • Strengthening of the immune system

    • and much more!

When I found Reiki, I found my path in life. My Reiki healing sessions include a guided meditation with energy work over the body. Reiki helps you feel your power and promotes health & well-being, healing occurs through the return of physical, emotional, mental &spiritual balance.  

In Person Reiki and Chakra Balancing Sessions:               


I use whatever healing tools my intuition instructs me to use. it may be feathers, crystals, singing bowls, oils, and more.    

Reiki Session:  $90    

Reiki Packages: Set of 3: $240   

Set of 6: $475


Distant Reiki and Chakra Balancing Sessions:     


Distant Reiki is just as effective as in person Reiki. Energy healing is often performed over distance with the same benefits. Reiki’s healing energy connects us to The Universal Life Force on an energetic and spiritual level, where healing work is conducted.

Distant Reiki:  $75      

Distant Package: Intuitive Reading & Reiki: $125

Reclaim Your Power with Jaguar Medicine Reiki


Jaguar Medicine Reiki is a Shamanic Reiki Healing technique that has its origins in indigenous cultures of Central and South America. 


Designed for deep emotional and spiritual transformation, this healing session will help you reset your fight or flight response and reclaim your personal power. 


During your Reiki session, I will use Chakra oils, drums, Native American music, and a guided healing meditation. 


After the Reiki session, I will provide you with a psychic reading using Shamanic Medicine Cards. 


This session is available in person only.

Jaguar Reiki Session: $125


Find your balance and well-being by booking a Reiki Massage Session today!  Or Combine Reiki with other specialties to maximize benefits and save.  

In person Reiki or Distance Reiki

"Don’t miss how great you will feel with any of my specialties.  Make an appointment today!"

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