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Janice is an amazing healer, and she is very loving! I have enjoyed her…reiki sessions as well as hypnosis for insomnia. She will help you with anything that you need. 

– Sarah

For any challenge you might be managing, I heartily recommend the services of energy worker, hypnotist…  A Sun sign Scorpio, Janice is particularly gifted with the ability to see underneath the surface of appearances to the deeper connections lying at the root of outer unwanted manifestations.

– Happy Client

Janice has a lovely office in North Little Rock, within a few blocks of the charming Main Street/Argenta District. Her space is deeply quiet, protected, and perfectly appointed for the facilitation of healing journeys. No matter what your issue, Janice can help. I regard her as a spiritual ally, and I am sure you will, too. Please give her a call.

– M.R.

Janice is great…I will be going for another very soon.

– Sheila

I'll definitely be going back! :)

– Emily

Today I began training as a Certified Hypnotherapist. My instructor is Janice McCorkle, pictured below. Janice is a gifted magnetic healer working in several traditions, including…Reiki, hypnotherapy, and other modalities. I feel very fortunate to be working with her. Today as part of my training, I received a thirty minute Reiki healing session which was like no other Reiki treatment I've ever experienced. Janice's version takes the seeker on a journey of spiritual self-claiming, with chakra balancing and energy flow healing. I positively loved it and came away as a new person. What a great start for my hypnotherapy training!

– Maureen

Janice changed my life for forever! Love her dearly!

– K.N.

Janice can always help you! She takes the time to get to know you and figured out a plan very specific to your needs. ❤️ her!

– L.K.

Just had my first Reiki with Janice! it was the most relaxing session. Janice is so warm and kind. I am definitely going to be a returning customer!

– Sina

Just want you to know how much gratitude I have for you and how much you have helped me✨ universe sent you to me, and I could have never expected what has happened in my life since our first session… thank you, Janice😇😇😇

– A.C.

Love this lady for being a wonderful teacher and mentor. If you want to learn hypnosis, I would highly recommend her.

– Jamie

My sweet psychic Janice told me that there is another course in my future… Janice was fantastic by the way, highly recommend.

– As posted on the Little Rock Power Women Facebook Page 

Officially a Reiki Master! Thank you Janice McCorkle your the best mentor and teacher! ✨🙌🏼😇 

– Sarah

Janice ❤️ is Wonderful at everything she does!

– Jan


"Don’t miss how great you will feel with any of my specialties.  Make an appointment today!"

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