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Intuitive Readings

Janice McCorkle has given authentic, detailed Psychic and Medium Readings for over 30 years, offering guidance in all areas of life. A gifted Light Worker, she uses intuition and a connection with the Divine to help access your individual power and wisdom. With the help of these omnipotent energies–and tools including Angel Cards, Reiki, Hypnosis, and Tarot Cards–she has the answers that you have been praying for.

  • Intuitive Reading – Janice’s intuitive counseling connects you to past, present and future issues. She’ll empower you as you uncover realizations and discover answers to your most perplexing questions.

  • Property Cleansing – A Spiritual Cleansing or Property Blessing can clear abnormal or unexplainable occurrences & feelings at your home, office, or property





Get predictions, guardian angel messages, or answers to life questions with an Intuitive Psychic Reading. 

Psychic readings by Janice
Psychic readings

"Don’t miss how great you will feel with any of my specialties.  Make an appointment today!"

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