Janice refers to her massages as "Wellness Massages" because massage is part of a healing process. Treat yourself to a relaxing and healing Wellness Massage Session.  As a licensed massage therapist, Janice offers a luxurious assortment of massage specialties and packages.  Gift certificates are also available to celebrate a birthday, holiday or anniversary with a loved one!  

Massage Packages


  • Wellness Massage – Wonderful therapeutic massage with warm packs and extra attention to problem areas (1 hour).

  • Wellness Neck & Foot Massage – Four 30 minutes sessions to help you heal from top to bottom.

Add-on Treatments

The following are available as supplements to other packages:

  • Ultrasound Treatment – Muscular Ultrasound will melt away your spasms & knots

  • Ear Coning – Special candles remove excess ear wax to ease headaches & sinus pressure

Combine massage with other specialties to maximize benefits and save.  Pamper yourself with a massage today!  

"Don’t miss how great you will feel with any of my specialties.  Make an appointment today!"

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